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See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety

If you are interested in an introduction to basic women's self defense or want to enhance your skills in an intermediate class in The Woodlands, Texas, click on the TX Self Defense Classes tab for more information and then please click on the Contact Us tab to send an email indicating your interest.


personal safety and self-defense book with over 650 safety tips and 130 images showing self-defense techniques. Covers at home, driving, shopping, keeping children safe, traveling, both domestic and international, and much more.                           

A book about prevention and self-defense with something for every woman.

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See Sally Kick Ass - A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety is a comprehensive women's personal safety book dedicated to enhancing your and your family's safety. It has over 650 simple tips and ideas to reduce your risks and over 130 pictures illustrating the self-defense techniques that can be used to deal with an attacker. The ideas and techniques discussed in this book have been specifically chosen for ease of use by women. The book covers daily routine activities from being at home, walking, driving, shopping, at the office to traveling both in the US and internationally. It discusses not only you, but has tips on how to keep your children and family safer. Learn how to prevent identity theft. The book also has a resource section that gives contact information on agencies that women may need including credit reporting companies and the Social Security Administration. Click on the Book tab for more details or go to the Table of Contents tab to see the topics discussed in the book.

This is a book every woman should read! The book is available on this site, at Amazon and many other major book stores.




"I've spent hundreds on books and videos. Yours is the best!" Charlie Peterson - Women's Self-Defense Instructor & 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate

This book was recently selected to be a textbook at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida.

The author is available as a speaker on the topics of personal safety and self-defense. He has been a speaker at annual library conventions, a corporate trainer focusing on team building in addition to safety training, a speaker at business meetings, and has taught at high schools and colleges.