See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety

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"This book should be in every high school library and read by every teenage girl."- Betty Wells, Librarian

"This book is SO complete. It spans a lifetime of personal safety, from childhood through adulthood. Go Sally! Go!"- Jill Tagudin, Geophysicist

"This book covers so many aspects of women's personal safety that it should be considered for a textbook." - Nancy Corbin, Deputy Sheriff (retired)

"As a young woman living in New York, I have a lot of friends who are scared of becoming victims of crime. But Vogt's book and lessons have allowed me to shed my fear. I know to watch my surroundings and I am confident that I could defend myself in nearly any situation."- Christine Maddalena, college student

"Every woman will benefit and get some safety tips from this book." - Liz Howard, Occupational Therapist 

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