See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety

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Safety Statistics

These are some general safety statistics: 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation published the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) preliminary data for 2009 during January 2010 which indicated a continuing reduction in crime and overall reduction in the USA of violent crime of 4.4%. While violent crime had been generally declining since 1994, during 2005 and 2006 that trend was reversed and violent crime increased. All numbers are in % and red is a increase in crime while green indicates a decrease in crime. More detailed information regarding states, cities and populations is available by accessing the FBI UCR site.

                                      Overall    Murder    Rape     Robbery    Assault
2009 versus 2008        -4.4        -10          -3.3         -6.5          -3.2
2008 versus 2007        -3.5        -4.4         -3.3        -2.2           -4.1
2007 versus 2006        -1.8        -1.1         -6.1        -1.2           -1.7
2006 versus 2005        +3.7        +1.4        +0          -1.2           -1.7
The economic difficulties may have an impact on crime for 2010 after several years of declining crime. While meaningful statistics are not yet available, there is some data that suggests a significant increase in domestic violence and some increase in violent crime.

You are more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than be injured in a passenger car accident.  DOT HS 810623, US DOJ National Crime Victimization Survey 2005 NCJ 215244

8.8% of high school females experience Physical Dating Violence (PDV) - CDC MMWR May 16, 2006

On average, 4% of public school educators are physically attacked and another 7% are threatened with physical violence each year. US Dept of Education survey of 3.7 million public school educators 2003-2004.

Approximately 5%/year of college coeds experience rape or attempted rape. The Sexual Victimization of College Women. Fisher, Turner & Cullen, US DOJ 2000, Correlates of Rape while Intoxicated in a National Sample of College Women, Mohler-Kuo, Dowdall, Koss, Wechsler, Harvard School of Public Health Study 2003 

Approximately 9.3% of violent crimes occur in school buildings or on school property. US Dept of Justice Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005 Statistical Tables NCJ 215244